Photographer Justin Frost

Some things about Justin Frost are just plain obvious. He follows no one, he’s wall-to-wall creative, and a true artist that thrives on living on the edge. Frost is a workaholic with an “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality. Coming from a musical family, Frost’s artist talents were encouraged by his parents. It is no coincidence that when you see one of his images, they are always doused in theatrics and drama. When he is in his element, he feels honest. In other words, “he ain’t fucking around by hanging around.” He’s got work to do. You will most likely find him in his studio creating a unique concept for one of his special, one-of-a-kind shoots. This means more to him than almost anything in the world...except maybe peanut butter. With clients such as CeeLo Green, Goodie Mob, V Bozeman, Sam Sparrow, Perez Hilton, Dita Von Teese, and Amanda LePore, it’s no wonder he’s being sought out by the music industry for his visions. His work can be seen in numerous magazines such as Flaunt, 944, Dazed and Confused, DNA, Catwalk, Storm Magazine, and Runway Magazine. In addition, he’s worked with reality television shows, including Sweden’s Next Top Model, Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency, Split Ends, Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?, as well as advertising clients Ruffskin, Reebok, Rocco’s Old School Tattoo Bomb, Sebstian International, Rahamifov Diamonds, and Skin by Monica. With all this being said, Justin Frost is a pop culture architect with a camera. His vision is strong, clear, and deliberate.

“The people working with me in my studio are amazing artists and great people. They jokingly call themselves “the glam squad,” but I see them as so much more. Hell, to me they are “the bomb squad.”